Friday, September 19, 2014

Nick Young tells Laker rookies to call him “Daddy Swag”

Swaggy P has another nickname.

Swaggy P answers to that nickname or the name his mother calls him, Nick Young.

Unless you’re a rookie on the Lakers — then you have to call him “Daddy Swag.” Yes, that is a little awkward, but it’s part of the “rookie duties” like carrying luggage on the road. Nonetheless the players confirmed it to Lakers reporter and sideline guy Mike Trudel in a video at the Lakers’ Web site. Here’s a transcription of the key parts.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kobe Bryant's Teachings (VIDEO)

Report: Lakers could make big run at Goran Dragic and/or Eric Bledsoe next summer

The Eric Bledsoe situation could play right into the Lakers’ hands.

As you read this the Suns and Bledsoe, a restricted free agent, are deadlocked on negotiations for a new contract — the Suns offered four years, $48 million, which they think is fair; Bledsoe and his agent want the max of five-years, $85 million. They have yet to find common ground, which has Bledsoe considering taking the risk and playing for the qualifying offer of $3.7 million next season (that’s a lot of guaranteed money for a guy whose had knee surgery to turn down) then becoming a free agent next summer.

If Bledsoe does that the Suns are in a bind and the Lakers could make them pay, reports Marc Stein at ESPN.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lakers’ physical therapist: Kobe Bryant has highest pain tolerance I’ve ever seen

Lakers head physical therapist Judy Seto has worked with the Lakers for more than 20 years. Plus, she has experience outside basketball.

So, Seto has seen a lot.

And Kobe Bryant stands apart.

Report: Kobe Bryant studying Paul Pierce on how to adapt game as he ages

Paul Pierce’s gets to the elbows and once there unleashes an old-man-at-the-YMCA game on his opponents, getting off an array of crafty shots that seem to always find the bottom of the net.

He’s evolved that part of his game over the years. That game has started to slip (he turns 37 this October) but he still is an above average player and a guy who can make contested shots. The kind you have to hit in the playoffs. Which is why the Wizards picked him up.

Monday, August 25, 2014

What Kobe Bryant texted LeBron James after The Decision

LeBron James’ decision to leave the Heat for the Cavaliers was pretty well-received. People ate up that BS going-home narrative.

But in 2010, LeBron invited plenty of scrutiny by participating in The Decision TV program, in which he announced his plan to sign with Miami. LeBron became the NBA’s biggest villain.

One of the naysayers was Kobe Bryant.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steve Nash describe Kobe in three words..."Mother f****** a******”

Soon there is going to be a documentary  on Showtime about Kobe Bryant and his comeback this season, one that will undoubtedly play to the mythology of Kobe and his toughness, his determination, his single-mindedness. It promises to be interesting.

Kobe and his comeback also are the cover story this week in Sports Illustrated, a brilliant feature by one of the very best NBA writers, Chris Ballard. A story with a lot of great quotes and anecdotes.