Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kobe Bryant Receives Shoulder Diagnosis From Doctor (VIDEO)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lakers Vs Pelicans Box Score - Lakers Lose 96-80

Kobe on efforts to recruit Rajon Rondo to Lakers: ‘I’m not stopping until he signs an extension’

Kobe Bryant had a very public breakfast with Rajon Rondo during the Lakers trip to Boston earlier this season, in what may have been a bit of a feeling out process.

The Lakers were reportedly interested in acquiring Rondo, but lacked the assets to get a deal done before Celtics GM Danny Ainge eventually settled on a package he liked from the Mavericks.

Nick Young plans to recruit free agents to Lakers, told Goran Dragic: ‘You might be my teammate next year’

The Lakers are not a team that can attempt to undergo a traditional rebuilding of the roster, where they bottom out without any stars in place for an extended period of time in hopes of landing a future franchise cornerstone via a high draft pick.

Los Angeles is a market that demands star-level talent so that it can continue to sell those high-priced floor seats and luxury suites at Staples Center — which is a big reason why Kobe Bryant was given such a high-dollar contract in the twilight of his career, despite the fact that it hurt the franchise from a salary cap standpoint.