Monday, April 23, 2012

Kobe Comments on Gaurding Westbrook

Instead of resting his injured shin, Kobe Bryant volunteered to gaurd the fastest player on the other team, Russell Westbrook. This was a tall order but anytime the Lakers need a win Kobe is up for the defensive challenge.

"He cooked us last time he was here," Bryant said of defending Westbrook, whom he harassed into a 3-for-22 shooting night just three weeks after Westbrook torched the Lakers for 36 points. "So I figure, if he's going to cook us, I want him to cook me."

Would that be sustainable over a seven-game series?

"I gotta do what I gotta do," Bryant said. "I did it a few years ago (in the Lakers 2010 playoff series win over OKC) on one knee. Sometimes you've got to will it."

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