Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kobe Bryant Calls Critics Idiots

After Saturday's game with the Warriors, where Bryant dropped 40 points, he had some shots to fire at the media. He has been heavily criticized during his recent shooting slump which included a game against the Hornets where he missed his first fifteen shots and was held scoreless through the first three quarters. (SIDEBAR He also hit the game winning three) Against the Warriors, he bounced back shooting 16 - 28 for 40 points and hit all of his three point shots. And after the game he let the press know about it in typical Kobe fashion.
"It's always interesting to hear people talk after a game like that, like I'm done and all this stuff," Bryant said. "The amount of idiots that live out here after 16 years is baffling. … I guess people just get dumber over the years."
"Yesterday, that's not going to happen again," he said. "That's like the 81-point game. It's not going to happen again."
He has had some terrible games as of late. Some of the worst of he career but lets not write his epitaph just yet. The Black Mamba has a few more good years left in that old body of his.

Washed up? No. Tired? Maybe. I would like to see some of the role players step up and take some of the load off of Kobe's shoulders.

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