Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lakers Dominate Spurs Without Kobe

The Lakers absolutely dismantled the Spurs despite the fact that Kobe Bryant sat out for the third straight game. They were obviously not favored to win this game but the team really stepped up. Everyone played a key role and they played all around good team basketball. The Lakers also did something tonight that they usually struggle to do, hit threes. Knocking down 11 for 23 from behind the line as a team. Metta World Peace played a HUGE role in the offense tonight. He knocked down his three pointers very proficiently (going 5 for 8). He had a season high 26 points and looked better than he has in a LONG time. Teams are going to give him open threes and he HAS to knock them down. Pau Gasol added 21 points and 11 rebounds. Although he only had 16 points, Andrew Bynum's performance was the hidden gem of the game. The Lakers dominated the glass, almost doubling the Spurs rebound total. Andrew Bynum set a career record with 30 rebounds.(the Spurs only had 33) Making him the first Laker since Kareem Abdul-Jabar to pull in 30 rebounds. He also set the Spurs opponent record in rebounds. He is emerging as superstar in this league and beginning to challenge Dwight Howard for the title of best center. The Lakers defeat the Spurs 98 - 84 but it really wasn't even that close. They had a 5 point lead going into halftime but their lead ballooned in the second half. They lead by as much as 26 in the fourth quarter. The Spurs were able to hit some threes in garbage time to decrease the deficit and make the game somewhat respectable. Spin: Who needs Kobe? Just kidding. Hopefully the team can play this well around Kobe when he comes back. Metta World Peace especially. If he can go out and play half as good as he did tonight on a nightly basis the Lakers will be a title contender to take seriously.

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