Monday, April 23, 2012

NBA Will Review World Peace Foul

The NBA will review the elbow that World Peace gave to James Harden in the second quarter of today's double overtime win against the Thunder. World Peace had just dunked on Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka, when he began beating on his chest and intentionally threw an elbow at James Harden's head. It was a monstrous elbow that would put some UFC fighters to shame. Harden left the game and was later diagnosed with a concussion.

World Peace was assessed a flagrant two and thrown from the game to a round of cheers from the home crowd.  All flagrant fouls are reviewed by the league and you can be sure World Peace will receive a multi-game suspension. The talking heads have been speculating anywhere from three to ten games.

The fact that Harden suffered a concussion could come into play in the length of the suspension. The fact that World Peace has a prior record and is a repeat offender could also come into play. Considering the Lakers only have one more regular season game remaining, this means he will miss playoff games. The league will probably make their decision on Monday.

Comment below on what you think a fair punishment for Metta World Peace would be.

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