Thursday, April 12, 2012

World Peace Says Kobe Was Coaching Team

After the game, Metta World Peace was asked by John Ireland,
"How did you guys do this (win the game) without Kobe Bryant?"
Metta responded,
"We did it with Kobe. Kobe was actually out there coaching us. Every timeout, Kobe was out there and making adjustments for us. You know Popavich he's a great coach he made a lot of adjustments, but Kobe was out there with us and we couldn't do it without him."
The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding tweeted
In Lakers coaches' huddle early in this timeout, Kobe is doing all the talking. Mike Brown nodding.
Kobe is done talking to the players now in his huddle. Mike Brown's turn! LAL 20, SA 18.
Lakers fans how do you feel about Coach Kobe?

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