Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Lakers Fall to Nuggets in Game 5

The Lakers lose to the Nuggets in game 5, 102-99, despite a valiant effort in the 4th quarter. The Lakers were down 15 with 6 minutes to go when they began to put on a 3-pointer clinic. The Lakers fought all the way back to being three down.Unfortunately both Kobe Bryant and Ramon Sessions both missed threes that could of tied the game in the closing seconds.

The more intriguing thing is how the Lakers got 15 down in the first place. They put forth a lackluster performance on both sides of the ball. They put up little to no effort for the first 42 minutes of the game.

Were they feeding off the Andrew Bynum ”closeout games are easy” comments and not putting up their maximum effort. Or did they throw the game for World Peace?

Knowing they will see the Thunder in the next round, the Lakers know they will need Metta World Peace's defense on Kevin Durant. Could they possibly have thrown the game to get Peace back?

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