Thursday, June 28, 2012

Team Are Calling About Pau Gasol

With the NBA Draft on Thursday night and free-agency beginning July 1, the calls are starting to come in to the Lakers inquiring about Pau Gasol. Just today, two or three reports leaked about teams interested in trading for the Lakers big man.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times, the Atlanta Hawks inquired about his services shortly after the ending of the series versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the report, the Lakers would be receiving Josh Smith and probably another piece to make the salaries match. The Lakers would be saving about $25M with this deal as Smith makes about $13.2M for one year and Pau is due $38.3 over the next 2 years.

According to former NBA Insider, Peter Vescey, the Grizzlies have offered power forward Zach Randolph for Lakers power forward, Pau Gasol. This move would reunite Pau with his younger brother Marc, which the Grizzlies are very interested in doing.

And then there is always the Houston Rockets. They have stock-piled first round draft picks hoping to acquire Dwight Howard from the Magic. If that deal falls through, they could turn their intrest to Gasol. The Rockets had originally Pau Gasol from the Lakers last year in the vetoed Chris Paul deal. Sources say they still have interest in the Lakers power foward and may try to put together a package of players and picks to ship to the Lakers.

With all the new deals popping up, I expect the front office to take their time to evaluate their options and choose the best one for the Lakers moving foward.

Which deal do you feel the Lakers should make? Comment below.

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