Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World Peace Seen Wearing Grizzlies Jersey(PICS)

Metta World Peace was spotted wearing a Vancouver Grizzlies(remember them?) jersey. He was wearing it while performing a couple of his songs in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We here at Lakers Spin are not going to go overboard with crazy conspiracy theories. A lot of pundits are wondering if this is a garuntee that World Peace is gone from the Lakers this off-season. RELAX. Its a Vancouver jersey and it means nothing.

But the fact is that Metta's future with the Lakers is in question. He is still owed $33 Million on his contract. The Lakers could decide to amnesty him to free up some money to use in free agency.

In conclusion, is Metta World Peace's future questionable? Yes. Does this jersey reveal anything about it to us? Not at all. 

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