Thursday, July 19, 2012

NBA Says Jersey Advertisements "Likely" to Begin in 2014

The terrible rumor that has been floating around for some time now looks like it is going to become a reality. The NBA is leaning towards selling advertising space on jerseys. They want to clutter your favorite player's jersey with advertising logos from your favorite giant, billion dollar corporations.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports received this information from deputy NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

 And why would they want to make all the jerseys in the league 10 times uglier you ask? There's only one reason for

I realize they want to start off with one small patch but doing that opens up the flood gates. Not too long after that Lakers jerseys could end up looking like this...

LakersSpin hates this idea and we think all the fans should take a stand and tell the NBA this is not acceptable. This is the NBA, the greatest basketball league in the world, not some street ball league hurting for funds

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