Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Steve Nash Introduced As Laker, Tries on the Purple and Gold For the First Time

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Lakers welcomed their newest addition to the team, Steve Nash. Here are some highlights of his press conference.
“The opportunity to play for one of the greatest franchises in professional sports, one of the most decorated franchises, and in one of the greatest cities in the world was too good of an opportunity for me to pass up.”
On what his style brings to the Lakers,
 “I look forward to playing the pick and roll with everybody. The great thing about the pick and roll is that it’s a five man set. It’s the most difficult play to stop in basketball.”
On his conversation with Kobe,
 “He was incredibly excited, optimistic, positive and encouraging. He made no qualms about the fact that he thought we would be a great fit together and work well together.”
On the prospect of winning a championship,
 “I would be the life of the party if we won.”
Steve Nash also took the time try on the purple and gold for the first time. Here's you first look at Steve Nash in his home jersey.

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