Monday, August 6, 2012

Rumor: Kenyon Martin Interested in Signing with Lakers

Acquiring Steve Nash via sign-and-trade was arguably one of the biggest moves of the NBA off-season that makes the Los Angeles Lakers an instant legitimate NBA title contender heading into next season.

After signing Nash to a three-year deal, the Lakers next order of business was signing veteran forward Antawn Jamison to a one-year deal and re-signing up-and-coming forward Jordan Hill. With all three players locked in for the upcoming season, the Lakers had made considerable upgrades, but weren’t done wheeling and dealing.
Reportedly, the Lakers are looking to make one or two more moves in free agency with forward Kenyon Martin becoming a possibility according to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated as of July 6:
Even though Martin isn’t the player he once was with the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets, the veteran forward can still be a solid contributor for an NBA team. With an emphasis on the defensive end of the floor, the Lakers may express some interest in signing Martin regardless of the frontcourt additions they’ve already made with Jamison and Hill.

At this point in time, the Lakers would benefit most from signing a backup shooting guard to play behind Kobe Bryant. The backcourt is still a concern for the Lakers even with the addition of Nash. The bench continues to be a weakness for the Lakers moving forward if they neglect to bring in more players in free agency or in a blockbuster trade to bring in Dwight Howard.

One of the main reasons the Lakers may be holding off on making additions in free agency is the ongoing talks to acquire Howard. With the Lakers potentially having to take on other contracts and players in the potential blockbuster, the team doesn’t want to make any more commitments.

Two other free agents the Lakers are currently targeting to bolster the backcourt off the bench are Leandro Barbosa and Jodie Meeks. It remains to be seen whether or not either one of these free agents or Martin come to an agreement to sign with the Lakers before Howard is traded by the Orlando Magic.


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