Tuesday, October 2, 2012

George Karl: "I Just Despise The Lakers"

The Lakers are his Duke.

Denver coach George Karl, who’s often wearing either Nuggets or North Carolina powder blue at Pepsi Center, feels the annual wrath of the Lakers, who have ended Denver’s season three times in the past five seasons.

“I can’t deny that I just despise the Lakers,” Karl said Monday. “There’s a bigger (description) for it (that I can’t use in public). I’ve been beaten by them too many times. I didn’t expect them to be bad this season, but when they got Steve Nash, I can’t deny I was really upset.”

Karl said he sent a text message to L.A. executive Mitch Kupchak, descriptively suggesting where Karl believes Kupchak has a rabbit’s foot on his person.

Most recently, Denver took L.A. to seven games in last spring’s first round. But the Lakers won at home, ending Denver’s season.

In a sit-down Q and A for Sunday’s paper, I asked George if the West was just a race for third, behind the Thunder and the Lakers.

“What I basically say is — that’s summer talk,” he said. “You have two teams that probably have the most talented players, especially in their top seven, but it’s summer talk. … I have a lot of respect for both of those teams. … But that doesn’t mean we never thought we could overtake them. Our goal this summer was: How do we get better? And how do we move closer to the top-echelon teams?”

Meanwhile, point guard Ty Lawson said today that Denver is, essentially, better than the Lakers.

The Lakers play Denver on Nov. 30 in LA, Dec. 26 at home and Jan. 6 in L.A.

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