Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dwight Howard admits to crying often

Dwight recently opened up about his softer side.

He says that when LeBron James won the championship he cried, thrilled for LeBron and upset he wasn't playing.

When Orlando lost to the Lakers in the 2009 Finals, he says he cried himself to sleep listening to Eminem rap about getting only one shot in "Lose Yourself."

He says he recently saw the new Tom Cruise movie, "Jack Reacher," and when some people were killed, he nearly cried.

He cries a lot.

"I'm emotional," he says.

I remember making appearances in Orlando and families asking me to stay and sitting there trying not to cry," he says.

He wants only to please people, so much so that it's almost crippling. He's now working with Kobe Bryant to learn how to not care so much what people think.

He has found the master.

"It's a struggle for me, but I have to find a middle ground," Howard says. "If I'm going to go to the next level, I have to do it."

Howard says he won't shoot the jump shots in games that he routinely makes in practice.

"I hate missing," he says. "I hate missing so much, I miss. You know why? I'm always thinking I'm going to miss this and then disappoint everyone."

"People don't know what I'm doing behind the scenes to get better," he says. "They think I'm just a screw-up. But because I smile doesn't mean I want to win any less than Kobe, who might not smile."

He says as easygoing as he might appear, there is something else brewing inside that needs to be contained.

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