Saturday, December 22, 2012

Former Lakers PG Javaris Crittenton Accused of Slapping Baby Momma As She Breastfed Their Newborn Child

Former Lakers point guard Javaris Crittenton is accused of slapping the Mother of his child, Tyress Daniels, across the face as she breastfed their day-old infant, reports TMZ.  Now, the young Mom has filed a restraining order against the former baller in a move to keep her distance from him since this recent incident reportedly makes three assaults against her.

Daniels filed her court documents at the L.A. County Superior Court, alleging that Crittenton’s physical abuse toward her has escalated. The Mom also claims that the physical altercation that allegedly occurred on November 1, happened just 24 hours after she had given birth to their son.

According to Daniels, “I was breastfeeding the baby and we got in to an argument over what the baby would wear for pictures. Javaris hit me in the face while I was breastfeeding because he said I had a smart mouth.” Daniels says that after the alleged assault, Crittenton tried to flee the hospital with the baby, but his escape was thwarted by hospital security and he was escorted out of her room.

The ex-Washington Wizards player has also been accused of attacking his girlfriend while she was pregnant in a hotel room.

Another incident of domestic violence between the pair allegedly took place on November 26th, when their tussle resulted in Daniels sustaining a scratched-up face and busted lip. The battle supposedly ended with Crittenton sending Daniels a cryptic text message threatening that she would end up like her “dead mother” and he would then gain custody of their child.

After Daniels filed the legal papers, a judge awarded her temporary custody of the baby and set a court date for January, when a decision will be reached with regards to making the restraining order permanent.
Crittenton’s latest legal woes only compounds what he is already facing. In August 2011, the young player was charged with murdering a 22-year-old Mother of four, when he allegedly conducted a drive-by. Police officials believed that the young woman was not his intended victim and that he had been seeking revenge on someone who had robbed him back in April of last year.  The woman was shot in the hip and died while undergoing surgery.

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