Monday, December 10, 2012

Tracy McGrady Gets Taunted By Chinese Player Then Rocks Him MWP Style (VIDEO)

Tracy McGrady’s CBA experience has been a frustrating one. Although he’s been productive on an individual basis, his Qingdao Eagles are dead last in the standings. Yet to win a game in six tries, McGrady’s road only got bumpier this morning as Qingdao paid a visit to Beijing, where Stephon Marbury and the reigning-champion Ducks awaited. The Eagles never stood a chance, losing 114-102 despite T-Mac’s game-high 37 points. Beijing pulled ahead when they outscored Qingdao 29-14 in the second quarter, presumably the period during which McGrady sat (American starters usually sit the second quarter due to the minutes limit imposed on “import” players).

Fed up with all the losing, T-Mac wasn’t in the mood for shenanigans. So when Beijing’s Ji Zhe broke out the Mutombo finger wag after connecting on a late three-pointer to put the Ducks up 22, T-Mac hit him with an elbow to the chest that knocked Zhe to the floor.

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