Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Metta World Peace wrote a children’s book: “Metta’s Bedtime Stories”

When you put your precious young son or daughter to bed at night, don’t you want the thoughts of Metta World Peace in their head?

Well, now you can have it — World Peace has written a children’s book, “Metta’s Bedtime Stories.” You can buy it right now and be reading it tomorrow.

The stories include “Tomorrow,” “Reach for the Sky,” “One Wish,” “Mud in My Bed,” and “I’m Afraid of the Dark.”

Metta’s got some child in him — the man wore a Cookie Monster T-shirt to his exit interview with the team GM. So maybe this works, these could be good and teach good lessons.

Honestly, hearing World Peace talk like hearing a good-hearted adolescent talk. He means well, but says what he thinks and sometimes does what he wants without the filters that many of us mature into. That’s not a bad thing. That makes him an interesting teammate, but it could make him a really good children’s’ book author, too.

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