Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dwight Howard wrote a letter to his younger self

I'm sure there are plenty of things you would like to go back and tell your younger self. Well, Dwight Howard is giving it a shot as part of an ESPN the Magazine feature in which famous athletes write letters to their childhood selves at ages of their own choosing.

Here is the letter Dwight wrote to "Little Dwight":

 Dear Little Dwight,

That's what they call you now. I know that because I'm Big Dwight, 27, and I'm writing to you from the future. Weird, right?

Stop freaking out, and listen up: I want to tell you some things that you should know before you turn into me.

The first thing, Little Dwight, is to always smile and enjoy life.

Now, that's not always going to be easy. As you get older, you'll have responsibilities. You'll have to learn how to take care of others. You'll mess up. And, believe it or not, some people aren't going to like you because you smile and have fun. And they will try to change you. Don't let it happen.

Okay, you probably want to go outside and play, but hold up. I have three more pieces of advice for you:

1) You can shoot free throws. Don't let anybody tell you can't.

2) The ladies will always be there, okay? Keep your focus on your priorities.

3) Finally, when you're in eighth grade, you'll get braces. You'll want to wear those braces until you get to the NBA. Don't do it! Please, please, PLEASE get them taken off in high school. And smile.

Big Dwight


P.S. Seriously, Little Dwight, don't become a robot when you get older. You know what I mean.

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