Monday, June 24, 2013

Jeanie Buss Confident In Lakers' Edge Despite New CBA Limitations

Jeanie Buss believes the Los Angeles Lakers have an edge over other teams because of their storied history and brain trust in the front office.

Even so, Buss admitted the inherent limitations of the new collective bargaining agreement – which includes steeper luxury taxes for teams over the salary cap.

"We are in 100% in support of those agreements, but as much as they'd like to try to revenue share and make things equal -- our basketball expertise, they can't revenue share away from us," Buss said. "I believe that as they keep trying to make things more fair, they can never take away what the Lakers have -- our history, our experience, our brain power in our front office. We'll always have an advantage."

The Lakers could be on the hook for upwards of $70 million in luxury tax penalties next season.

"We're one of 30 teams that has to operate within a system. We're part of a community and we'll adhere to the rules," Buss said. "I still think it doesn't matter how much money you spend because there are teams that have tried to buy championships. It doesn't work that way.

"It isn't always just about the team with the highest payroll winning a championship. You have to know how to draft players, develop players and put the pieces together to complement each other in a way that the team is larger than just their [individual] pieces."

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