Monday, June 17, 2013

Kobe Bryant Auction Memorabilia Revealed

A collection of memorabilia that caused a war between Kobe Bryant and his parents is now officially up for auction.

Items include a diamond-encrusted NBA Championship ring complet with the words "Bling Bling" on the side, Bryant's high school jersey, and several prototypes of Kobe's shoes.

Kobe sued his mother to prevent her from selling the items, claiming she had no right. Pamela Bryant fought back, claiming Kobe had given her the items over the years so she had every right to sell them.

The two sides eventually reached a settlement, in which Kobe allowed his parents to sell off 10% of what they had originally tried to auction.

As part of the settlement, half the proceeds from 4 key items will go to support the social action campaign around the anti-bullying documentary "Bully."

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