Saturday, June 15, 2013

Metta World Peace: Dwight Howard and Chris Paul not joining forces

Metta World Peace says Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are not talking about joining the same NBA team, contrary to a published report.

On Friday, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Howard and Paul have been in consistent contact to discuss the possibility of becoming teammates next season. The two will be the biggest free agents on the market. Each player has the option of re-signing with their current teams, and they reportedly have tried to figure out which team could add both of them.

The Atlanta Hawks, who were recently fined for tampering by sending out a letter to prospective ticket buyers saying that Howard and Paul were possibilities for the team, were mentioned as a team that could add both players. But the report stated that CP3, despite being upset with team owner Donald Sterling last month, wants to remain with the Clippers, and would like to have Howard join him. The only way Howard could go to the Clippers would be through a sign-and-trade deal, which the team believes is unlikely.

Apparently none of this matters, because World Peace says the two are not going to team up anyhow. Metta made his comments on “Jay Mohr Sports” on FOX Sports Radio, which was guest hosted by Ben Maller and Kirk Morrison on Friday.

“It’s not true,” World Peace said of the report. “I spoke to both of them. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul were just in the Bahamas doing the Macarena together. They actually don’t want to play together. That’s it. They’re not playing together.

“Those guys, they’re competitors. They don’t want to play on the same team. They don’t need a super team; all they need is themselves.”

I actually would not dispute the ESPN report that says the two have discussed the possibility of playing together. That’s something the two reportedly have been discussing since 2011. Even if the two would like to play together, the likelihood of that happening is small. Unless they took the bold step of going to a team like Atlanta, such a pairing would be difficult because of salary cap situations.
I just don’t see CP3 and Howard both leaving their respective teams in LA for Atlanta or anywhere else. I’m very confident both players re-sign with their current teams.

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