Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lakers GM said he hopes to bring back Kobe and Gasol next summer

This is not what Lakers fans generally envision.

The idea is that after this season the Lakers only have Steve Nash, Robert Sacre and maybe Nick Young (player option but for only $1.2 million) on the books. Fans expect a radical overhaul of the roster and one that takes big steps back toward contending.

Kobe will be back (and the Lakers need to get a deal with him quickly because of his $32 million cap hold) but it was thought this is the end of the Pau Gasol era in Los Angeles.

Except that’s not what general manager Mitch Kupchak told the
“We’re in a cycle,” Kupchak said. “We’re hopeful that within a year from now, we’ll have enough flexibility. We’re hopeful that Pau and Kobe can continue to play and we’ll have options to rebuild the team.”
The reality is things are fluid during the rebuild — if the Lakers can trade Gasol during this season to get a player or other asset they really want in return, they will do it. You can expect Gasol trade rumors to fly this season. The Lakers will listen to offers for Steve Nash (although it is unlikely the Lakers could get any value for him) and everyone on the roster not named Kobe.

But if there are not other options out there and Gasol will take a pay cut, the Lakers could bring him back. And that would mean a couple more years of Kobe and Gasol together.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! I'd like Gasol to stay too! Pau Gasol should be a LAKER 4 LIFE tbh! Pau has done GREAT things for this city and organization, including TWO Championships!

Kobe and Gasol compliment each other PERFECTLY (and add a 3rd star and a bench? they're Contenders AGAIN), and that I'd like to see remain a Lakers duo; IMO they could potentially win 1 or 2 more!

And heck, I think BOTH their jerseys should be retired in OUR rafters some day tbh!