Monday, August 12, 2013

What motivates Kobe? "Six"

This is Kobe Bryant saying exactly what you expect Kobe Bryant to say.

Put an obstacle in front of Kobe — say, returning from a Achilles injury at age 35 next season — and you have motivated him. He wants to prove doubters wrong, haters wrong and father time wrong. He wants to prove a silly thing like a ruptured Achilles can’t stand in the way of his ultimate goal.

When asked what motivates him during an interview in China (where he is on his annual trip promoting his brand), Kobe responded,


“I’m excited about this upcoming year because there are a lot of question marks, a lot of people doubting and giving us challenges…” Kobe said.

“That’s the exciting part about it, facing those type of challenges. That’s what excites me, that’s what excites us going into the season. We know, just like in anything, it doesn’t matter how many star players you have as long as you have a group of players that play well together and are focused on getting to the common goal together. That’s really what matters the most.”

This is probably the biggest basketball challenge Kobe has ever had to face and I'm confident he will come out swinging. It's never a good idea to back a mamba into a corner.

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