Monday, June 2, 2014

Derek Fisher is confident he would be able to coach Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers are still looking for a head coach and they may be holding out to see what soon-to-be top choice Derek Fisher decides to do. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard may return to playing for another year but he has the option to head to the ranks of head coaching where he’d get a significant pay raise as well as a way to extend his NBA career for years to come.

Darnell Mayberry was among those who heard Fisher speak about his intentions next year when it comes to either playing or coaching and passes along an interesting quote which seems to suggest that the New York Knicks aren’t the frontrunners we thought they were.

The Lakers are a team to watch with Fisher because of the very connection that was brought up between himself and Kobe Bryant. It’s not that Kobe will have active say in the head coaching choice for the Lakers, but it may turn out that he ends up playing a factor in the decision by simply existing.

There’s also nothing to say that the Lakers will be better off with Fisher as head coach over someone else but he already seems to be a fit with the players at least and that’s a first step that some coaches never are able to take.

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