Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nick Young thinks he can win MVP. Or sixth man. Or….

The NBA is just more fun with Nick Young in it. Like when he said his there’s no tattoos on his right arm because that’s just for buckets. Or he makes the rookies call him special names.

In the worst Lakers season ever, he was one of the only bright spots. He has become sort of a folk hero in L.A.

Swaggy P was not the center of attention at Lakers’ media day (that Kobe Bryant guy is back and a lot of people wanted to talk to him) but Young was vintage Young, as you can see from the quote below.

If as expected Lakers’ coach Byron Scott goes with the veterans to start (Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Carlos Boozer) the Lakers will be a lot more fun to watch when the bench unit of Young, Jeremy Lin and Julius Randle are on the floor. They won’t be able to stop anybody, but they’ll be entertaining.

And if you’re going to see Young out and about in LA and shout out to him,

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