Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Report: Lakers to sign FC Barcelona point guard Marcelo Huertas | Stats and Highights

The Lakers will be giving the ball to their new point guard, D’Angelo Russell, and letting the rookie learn on the job this year. They are high on his potential.

Backing him up there is some real talent — the Lakers already have Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson on the roster who can handle the ball. Oh, and that Kobe Bryant guy likely will want the ball in his hands a little.

They now add a very good international point guard in Marcelo Huertas to the mix, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.
Free-agent guard Marcelo Huertas – one of the Euroleague’s most accomplished playmakers – has agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo Sports. 
Huertas, 32, could give the Lakers an experienced pick-and-roll point guard to complement the development of No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell.
Career Stats
Born: May 25, 1983 (age 32), São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 185 lbs

2002/03 Pinheiros3251416.1118/24348.658/16435.4104/14074.391611123
2003/04 FMU2848817.4140/23260.336/10534.3100/12282101361683
2004/05 Joventut Badalona382707.182/16549.718/6129.552/7074.35329841
2005/06 Joventut Badalona392857.377/16247.527/6541.550/5886.24637840
2006/07 Joventut Badalona442395.461/14342.729/9231.530/3390.94423751
2007/08 Bilbao3652314.5152/29551.523/10122.8150/17585.796601460
2008/09 Fortitudo Bologna2930110.499/17855.616/6624.255/6683.37934731
2009/10 Caja Laboral363098.674/15049.331/6845.668/8282.9112461781
2010/11 Caja Laboral393889.9106/20152.738/8843.262/7187.3112292320
2011/12 Barcelona453728.372/13752.659/14740.151/5986.4112431432
2012/13 Barcelona453948.888/18647.351/13138.965/7784.494411551
2013/14 Barcelona433838.9110/18958.239/12032.546/4993.999301911
2014/15 Barcelona443548.093/17154.442/11835.642/5084.089281890

Euroleague Stats
2006-07DKV Joventut201065.335/7646.15/3016.721/2487.52917270
2009-10Caja Laboral161338.343/7160.68/2630.823/2785.22910620
2010-11Caja Laboral Vitoria2020610.346/9846.923/5244.245/5286.561151111
2011-12FC Barcelona Regal211798.539/7055.725/5743.926/3086.74320920
2012-13FC Barcelona Regal31248854/11347.835/10134.735/3697.268191041
2013-14FC Barcelona292398.267/11359.325/7433.830/3781.159111091
2014-15FC Barcelona282147.654/12742.527/7436.525/3083.364151221


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